Anant Yoga- yoga in Salisbury, padmasana

I started my yoga journey over 10 years ago attending various classes, more following a teacher I liked rather than a particular style. Actually, for many years I did not know that there was such a huge variety of different types of yoga available.  If it felt good, I liked it and went again. Later I started to notice the differences in how good I felt during and after a class, and I changed from the physical style of yoga to a more holistic one.

The style of yoga I teach can be called traditional yoga and is based on the connection with my students, adjusting to their needs, physical, mental and emotional conditions and being in balance with the environment. It’s a lifestyle of neverending learning.  I have been blessed to meet very special teachers on my path and to experience the benefits of yoga in its true sense.

The biggest influence on the path has been my yoga teacher during my yoga teachers training in India. Under the guidance of Dr. Omananad (Guruji) I came to realise that yoga is not a gym work out, what it might seem nowadays. Yoga asanas as a set of exercises are merely an arm of a list of actions that establish the true meaning of yoga. Starting with how we live our life, not harming ourselves or others, how we think, are our thoughts with good intention, non-hoarding, self-discipline to name a few, this moves on to breathing techniques (pranayama), concentration, meditation and liberation. Throughout this journey, the emphasis is on awareness, breathe and union with oneself.

I completed my 200 hours’ yoga teachers training, yoga philosophy, and yoga therapy courses with Guruji. And then stayed on to complete an additional 300-hour teachers training, branching off to include yoga for pregnancy and yoga for kids.

It was there, in a private ceremony, that I received my spiritual name Maa Bindu Anand from my Guru.

I went back to India in 2015, practising karma yoga, I translated books and manuscripts on yoga philosophy, as well as the teachers training manual for Dr Ormananadji. Whilst there, I taught hundreds of children yoga and was blessed to be a part of guiding and helping dozens of patients to heal themselves through yoga therapy and meditation.

I participated in the 3rd International Conference of Yoga (Indore, India, February 2015) and helped train hundreds of students in the sequence for the largest recorded gathering of yoga for the inauguration of the 1st International Yoga Day (21 June 2015).

My journey has bought me to England, where I teach and practice traditional yoga, incorporating stretches (asana), breathing techniques (pranayama) and quietening the mind through relaxation and meditation.

Yoga is such a personal journey where the focus is inward, whereby you feel and acknowledge the inner power. Yoga is union, with yourself, with each other and the environment.

Breathe, balance and connect with yourself in my classes. Experience the union.

Namaste Bara